MARKO Stout: A popular Artist among Celebrities

The name Marko Stout is becoming quite popular when it comes to the gritty industrial pop style of New York. People who keep a close eye on New York City’s art world will tell you that he is a true rebel of the industry since he likes keeping a low profile. His own looks tremendously speak a lot about his creative approach that have made him come up with quite a number of trademark looks. Marko Stout is at most times spotted clad in black clothes, vintage-style sunglasses and exceptional hats that give him a different look.

Marko Stout’s style can be termed to be distinctive and directly recognizable especially when he is hanging out at art galleries, clubs and high end events in the community. A look into Marko’s ethics, you will immediately realize that his metal paintings are greatly inspired by photographs of models. It is for this reason that most people deem his work to be close to perfection. To create an appealing artistic effect, Marko Stout integrates digital tech into his work before eventually infusing the masterpiece in aerospace grade aluminium. Through this action, he is able to come up with a modern and vibrant look.

Marko had a very humble beginning unlike some artists who were sure of making it even before venturing into any field. Most of his early life was spent living on a houseboat in San Francisco bay hanging out with his close neighbour, a retired roadie. It is through Marko’s interaction with his neighbour, a qualified painter who was trained at the Art Institute of Chicago that he developed a thing for art. To make it even better, Marko’s neighbour was a proud owner of an art gallery that gave him the much needed exposure to art.Sadly, Marko’s neighbour lost his life after an overdose of morphine. With loneliness setting in Marko decided to venture in the art industry and the rest is history.

In the past few years, Marko stout has come up with some of the most inspiring pieces of art. This action has made him one of the most influential people in New York City simply because people can easily relate with his work. It is for this reason that most of his work has earned recognition from well-known international collectors thus making him even more popular.

With every year that passes, it looks like Marko stout is getting better at his work. No wonder his work is highly sought after by celebrities, galleries and even dealers. Among the celebrities who follow Marko stout’s work are the Kardashians who are huge fans. With the increasing popularity, Marko stout launched a superb line of cool and casual urban section popularly known as “Urban Tribe”. Marko Stout’s unique style is giving him more fans as his work continues to feature in different clubs, workplaces and many more environments. At this rate, Marko stout is set to reach greater heights as long as he continues sticking with his unique style.