Negatives Effects of Fashion on Students

Despite having a host of advantages, fashion has also impacted negatively on the lives of many students. Most parents believe that fashion is corrupting the minds of students since it is the only thing that they are currently thinking about. It is obvious that students are tasked with the main responsibility of studying. However, current generation students only think about the new fashion trends and how they can lay their hands on them. Therefore, they are left with limited time to peruse through their books.

Many students are known to buy any trending fashion lines which may come their way in order to keep their good image. However, this action leaves their parents with additional expenses to incur. Instead of saving the money, parents are now forced to buy outfits that make their children look presentable. In the end, they become the biggest losers since they have to dig deeper into their pockets before providing all the basic needs.

Students who are obsessed with fashion clothing find it hard to interact with their peers. This is especially the case when one is not dressed up to the mark. It is therefore, not surprising to come across a student who is having depression, anxiety or eating disorders just because they do not have a trending outfit. When this is not dealt with, they may end up losing their sense of belonging.

Fashion consciousness is increasing on a daily basis and hence every person wants to look presentable. Students need to understand that there is no harm in putting the best outfits unless you become obsessed with fashion. For this reason, students have to strike a balance between fashion and their studies if they are to make it in life. Parents also have the responsibility of restricting their spending on fashion products. Once this is done, students will spend more time studying while also looking presentable.