Social Media in the Fashion Industry

Advancement in technology has proven beneficial to different industries. People are now using technologies such as the internet to carry out various activities without moving a muscle. One such activity is reaching out to new people using social media platforms. The fashion industry has also not been left behind when it comes to social media. This is because most fashion designers are now using social media to market their fashion lines without spending much.

Social media has led to the introduction of new advertising channels for fashion houses. These companies no longer have to rely on traditional advertising platforms like television commercials and billboards.  This is because platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have now made it easier for fashion designers to connect with customers. All one has to do is post a photo or video together with a small description of their fashion line on any social media platform. The followers will then leave a reply below the post if interested.

The use of social media became rampant in 2009 when fashion houses decided to promote their luxurious brands. Labels were able to connect and build long lasting relationships with customers by the simple click of a button. This action made sure that you could get want you want without necessarily having to move from your house.

Unfortunately, the use of social media in fashion has not come as good news to every fashion designers. Some designers are against the freedom given to customers since they may end up leaving negative reviews whenever you post your designs. Despite having these setbacks, social media continues enjoying a huge following in the fashion industry.  Many people are now sharing their clothing, shoes and jewellery on their social media platforms. This action has made designers more creative since they can come up with unique designs by having a look at what others have designed.