The Love Affair between Fashion and Art

Fashion and art share a close relationship which does not seem to be breaking any time soon. Fashion designers and artists are now working together to make sure that they are able to come up with the best fashion wear and art pieces ever made. Actually, there is no difference between artists and fashion designers. It is for this reason that you will come across a fashion designer using cloth and cutting techniques with the same skilful mastery as a painter who is working on his drawings.

Many fashion designers are often curious about shape and form. They are also fascinated by color, social, historical and cultural references. You will therefore find most of them visiting museums, archives, studios and art galleries to learn more techniques applicable in the fashion industry. By doing so, they are able to come up with unique fashion wear that are appealing to the eye.

Over the last couple of years, fashion and art have enjoyed a rich relationship. This relationship goes beyond geographical boundaries and thus bringing global influences to our wardrobe.  It is therefore not surprising to come across a person from Asia who is putting on an outfit that has been designed in Europe. All these arise from the fact that fashion designers can get the chance to interact with artists from all over the world.

With the world developing at afast pace, there has been an increase in demand of outfits. This action has led to the saturation of ideas by fashion designers. They are therefore left with the option of borrowing ideas from other industries. Fashion houses are now looking beyond their own front doors to get the inspiration needed to overcome competition.

However, this is not the first relationship between fashion designers and artists since they have always worked together. As the relationship grows stronger, we are sure of getting unique outfits that can make us the centre of attention when moving around.