Types of Watches that are gifted on Father’s Day in 2022

Are you searching for the best watches for father’s day? Before you start learning about the top watch brands, find out the difference between the timepieces. There are varieties of watches manufactured by popular brands every year. In this article, we will explain the most popular types of watches that are gifted on father’s day.

  1. Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are an extremely popular choice among men because they are powered by batteries. You can easily replace the batteries when required. Compared to other types of timepieces, the quartz watch shows accurate time due to the integrated mechanics. This type of durable and desirable watch will be the perfect gift for your dad as it looks fine with any outfit.

  1. Field Watch

Field watches have gained popularity in times of war. The watches can work well under combat pressure. Hence, you can gift these types of watches to your dad, if he is working in the military. Moreover, the field watches require less maintenance. The digits in field watches are generally bold and can be a good option for old people.

  1. Chronograph Watch

The chronograph watch has gained popularity because of its unique layout, eccentric styling, and stopwatch feature. You can keep track of lap times by using the feature. If your dad likes healthy competition, then gift them the chronograph watch on father’s day as it not only tells the time. Most people who are fitness freaks or love sports and biking wear this type of watch.

  1. Luxury Watches

If you have a good budget and can buy luxurious items, then gift luxury timepieces to your dad. These types of watches are designed using small stones and metals.

Since the watches are carefully made by exceptional watchmakers, various models and celebrities wear these stunning timepieces at different events. Compared to other types of watches, these watches have unparalleled class and can enhance the feel of any closet.


We hope you understand that the durability and price of the watches depend on the brand. Once you have decided the type of watch that will be ideal for father’s day, learn about the different brands that provide these types of watches with different features.

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